Thursday, April 30, 2009

survey sez!!!

What is one song that you will most likely never get tired of?
- "more than words"

What about a song that you will most likely to get tired of soon?
- "poker face"

Do you like astrology?
- slight

What colour are your pillows?
- yellow, green, blue, etc.

Do you enjoy school?
- i did..

Piercings, are they cool?
- i like tongue piercings...but as a nurse, wag na lang..

Would you dye your hair an unusual colour?
- maybe if its only temporary..i wanna try green and

What are your thoughts on religion?
- hmm....

What do you think of people that do nothing but run away from the truth?
- can't blame them...

Your most visited website?
- blogspot, friendster & animeseason...

What are the colours that mostly consist on your clothing?
- black

What do you think of having friends?
- it's part of's lonely without them...

Everyone "labels" other people, your thoughts?
- if it doesn't mean to driscriminate or insult, i think it's ok..

What do you think about life?
- messy...

How about nature?
- its'nice...

Your thoughts on people that style their hair giant/"scene like"?
- it's not my business...

What do you think about the latest fashion trends?
- it's fine...i think...

Would you rather learn Japanese or Polish?
- japanese...

Do you ever check your email?
- of course!

Which name is better: Morgana or Lilith?

If given the chance, would you visit outer space?

Do you know basic HTML?
- kinda...i just know how to copy then paste it..lols

What was the last song you listened to?
- "how do you sleep" by jesse mccartney

Do you talk on the phone often?
- nope..not much of a talker...

Are you excited for anything? What?
- i don't know...

Who can always make you smile no matter what?
- it's not's what..cute puppies, kitties, & bunnies...

What do you mostly think about?
- so many things...

Do you need a girlfriend/boyfriend to be happy?
- i don't think so...

-from a Friendster bulletin

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