Monday, May 16, 2011


LOL...di ko alam may new editor na pla..hahahaha!!!  la lang!


love it!

I love Macky's advice for me regarding my previous post. Post ko lang dito kasi sa chatango nya nilagay..hehe!

"CooLMhacky: hi was so unfortunate dat u have co workers who's envy of you...but i think it really is inevitable in every workplace..all u have to do is to do things that suppose to be doing and to show them that u'll never back down. Take it as a might not be as easy as it sounds but it can be done...k? GoodLuck and GoD Bless...."

Ok...It's been so long...

Well, now I am a registered nurse here in Dubai...I took the exam last January, got the results after 2 days. And thank God I passed! It was really unexpected considering I know I didn't do well with my oral exam... God is really good to me...

I got my raise, I mean my salary... Good! LOL!

Marami na ding nagbago. New management na nakakasira ng bait. Ang paborito kong doctor bihira na mag duty sa clinic namin. Nadagdagan responsibilidad ko sa clinic. May bagong assistant kami. wala na si Annessa. May bagong doctor kami. Wala na si Dr. Anmar.

Inshallah makapagbakasyon na ako.. I really need a break.

So that's all for now. Ciao!